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When I learned this project, the first thing I've decided was that I wanted the set of data to be something I can relate to easily. I spend days thinking what data I use and how I could distort it, I looked at different kinds of charts to give me inspiration but I couldn't find anything. Then a drop happened in the currency rate and I called my mom to tell her. I checked on Google what it was now and saw a data graph right next to it. Then I decided this would be perfect. After choosing this, there weren't many challenges. I chose the same chart type as the both of the sites and Google did, as it was the most understandable chart to show this topic. The next thing was choosing what to lie about. Currency changes happen every second and the sites I got my information from had at least a couple of hours for every single day. I've decided to choose the rate with the highest value of US Dollars for the whole data except the very last one, and for the very last one, I chose the value that the Turkish Lira was highest. 

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