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I learned how important it was to double check data to make sure that it was relevant and not just be fooled by what the graph may simply appear to be. It's really easy to skew data to make it seem like something else, but we must keep in mind of purely what the data is showing.

If I could redo this project, I would probably try to make the composition of the nutrition facts a bit more clear and unified. I was kind of inspired by Several Circles from Kandinsky, and sort of emulated that, but the key makes it really hard to distinguish what each circle represents--it's confusing to look at the giant purple circle and then the key to see that it's sodium, and how the tiny red circle is trans fat. It's also confusing why some are overlapping and some aren't--I was trying to connect the groups together, such as total fat, saturated fat, and trans fat, but it wasn't very clear.

However, I do feel that the graph itself is appealing to look at, though difficult to analyze in depth (which is what makes it so misleading because no one will really bother to check the facts and see that it is skewed).

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