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I decided to take his style of juxtaposing poems with screenshots from (animated) films.  I first decided on the subject matter, which was going to be Disney and DC comic books. I then searched for the poems on the Internet for poems related to the two subjects, and found some random poems written by users of various poetry websites. I then chose Snow White to represent Disney and Harley Quinn to represent DC. At first, I chose a picture of Disneyland landscape, but that looked static and boring. Reflecting on Baldessari's works, I decide to choose pictures that are dynamic in a sense. In the pictures, the characters are both posed and have non-static expressions. For the third piece, I took Baldessari's style of placing dots over people's faces. I chose a picture from Batman vs. Superman because they are also two of the most famous cultural figures. I chose a composition with certain tension, where the two are interacting with each other, but in a peaceful way. 

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