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John: Since I had trouble coming up with a first serve, I tried to come up with something other than the trolley problem that I could somehow fit into it. I came up with an image that looks like a guy could be pulling a lever, and I added the trolley problem to it. I think even though we didn't stick to that exact image, the idea of spinning other images or memes to have some sort of relation to the trolley problem stuck with us throughout the different serves. We continued to take the previous images ideas and intentions and changed the content.

Sky: For the second and fifth serves, I was trying to find meanings in my meme, so I decided not to work on any of my first thoughts after seeing the previous serves. I spent almost half of the 30 minutes just staring at the images we have, so the actual image processing took only 15 to 20 minutes for both of my serves. I used a SketchBook app on my tablet and drew a new trolley problem scene for the Mom versus Wife case, and then I just replaced the original trolley problem image form our first serve with my drawing, and edited the texts using Adobe Photoshop CS6. It was similar for the fifth one, after I came up with the idea of doing a trolley problem of Disney villains versus their respective protagonists, I found an image of Ariel lying on the beach looking weak,[2] and I thought it would look interesting if she was placed on the rail road. After that it was just simple Photoshop image processing. 

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