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Part 1:

Eugène Atget (1857-1927) spent his photographic career documenting the old Paris before modernization made its mark all over the city. He took photos of architecture and street scenes characteristic of the traditional French working-class culture; rarely did he take photos of famous landmarks in Paris. To produce these photographs, Atget used techniques that were considered antique even in his time. He used long exposure times, which increased the amount of details for stationary objects, blurred any moving objects such as people on the streets and made him to often take his photos early in the morning to control the light level. Many of his street photographs are wide angled to create space. To correct perspective in his photographs, Atget employed a tilt-shift technique where he repositioned the lens relative to the plate of the camera, resulting in vignetting of many of his photographs. He did not use filters and made the prints himself, staying true to the beauty of the old Paris.

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