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In this photo, the subject is the alleyway itself. The foreground consists of the brick wall on the left, the alleyway, and the building with stairs on the right. The background is another brick building, which creates an enclosed feeling in the photo. However, the path was large enough that the photo does not feel restraining. When I found this alleyway, I was very interested in the texture of the building to the left; Atget's photos, especially the third one from Part 1, are also focused on bringing out textures through contrast. From what I saw, a lot of buildings in Oakland have features involving bricks. I tried to use this photo to characterize what I saw as an architectural style of Oakland, similar to Atget's intent. I tried using different settings to best capture the feelings of the three brick walls, which were very different in terms of depth. I felt that this image best captures this difference. The texture of the wooden stairs and the door on the right also are significantly different from the rest of the textures. I really liked the contrast between the complexity of the right side of the photo and the simplicity of the left; while the photo is balanced in the middle in terms of the bigger structures, the difference forces the viewer to look around the photo. Unlike most of Atget's photos, this photo does not give the street photographed a sense of extension; rather, I felt like the street that runs horizontally beyond the foreground is given that sense despite the closeness. 

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