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In this photo, I tried to emulate the first photo of Atget in Part 1. This photo captures a building that has a relatively simple geometric shape as well as a distinction between the top half and the bottom half. The photo gives space for the road itself on the bottom, prompting the viewer to look at the building. The other buildings in the background are taller than the building in focus, framing the central building similar to Atget's photograph. I found it very interesting how the power wires cut through the photograph, creating tension that did not necessarily exist in Atget's photo. I spent a lot of time standing across the road trying to capture the building with minimal things around, but it was difficult as the traffic light is very close by and caused cars to block my view every 40 seconds or so. Because of all the extra stuff in the photo, I feel like the photo did not have the same impact as Atget's photo, which is very simple in terms of subject matter. I also found it challenging to put the entire building into my shot, which was my original intent. I had to make a tradeoff choice between the detail I want to capture and the frame of the photograph. 

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