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By working in this project I understand that produce a study of certain characteristics of a city, is not that hard and even represent a great tool to use as an urban designer. Also to unfold to of the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh I put theory in a practical matter and also understand the challenges that a city needs to face in order to provide better options to its inhabitants, as also how to reveal information using data available on the web. 

I believe that the position to take to have a good level in representing accurate outcomes are base in our convictions and believes as urban designers. We can take any data to the limits but creates good graphics, easy to understand and read. I think that there is the possibility of creating strictly formal maps, as well as caricatures, and this gives us an advantage as designers of the urban space. Any result is a contribution from our own creative capacity. In the end, we are human and have particular tastes and cultures, not everything should be simplified to data and cold projections.

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