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To me, there is a lot to be said about the happiness of a city depending on the amount of public space available to its community. Happy City by Charles Montgomery focuses on the measure of success of a city based on how active the community is. Aligning with that study, is the study of both public and outdoor space. I decided to use the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center (WPRDC) Creative Commons to analyze the amount of ball parks, basketball courts, tennis courts and other outdoor sport areas throughout the City of Pittsburgh. 

Data Set: 

City of Pittsburgh Courts and Rinks:


City of Pittsburgh Playing Fields: 

The Data is updated weekly- both were last updated September 23rd. 

In order to gain a full understanding of public space to promote active lifestyles there are many other datasets that could have been added to the analysis, but in order to make a clear caricature these were the two I focused on and chose to group them via Council Districts rather than individual neighborhoods. Overall this allows for a clearer understanding of the two datasets without over synthesizing the data. 

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