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To conduct my analysis, I decided to use the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center (WPRDC) Creative Commons to analyze the amount of baseball parks, basketball courts, and playground areas throughout the City of Pittsburgh. 

[1] Playgrounds- a collection of playgrounds throughout the city of Pittsburgh. This data was important to my analysis because it appeals to the younger generation and is often the start of our active/ sporty lives.

[2] Pittsburgh Courts- a collection of basketball courts, tennis courts, ice rinks throughout Pittsburgh. For the purpose of my analysis I cleaned the data to only include basketball courts.

[3] Ballfields- contains data on baseball/softball fields throughout the city of Pittsburgh. As someone personally interested in baseball, I thought it would be great to see how many are actually found in Pittsburgh. These fields usually take up a lot of land and I did not expect to find many in Pittsburgh. A lot less people use a field as frequently as they use playgrounds and courts.

[4] City Data collected from the American Community Survey collection of 2015 which tells the tale of the economic situation of the neighborhoods within Pittsburgh.  The Median Household Income per census tract was added and divided to give a median for the neighborhoods I analyzed.

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