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In this photo, I tried to emulate the effect of light pouring into the image in the second and the third photos of Atget from Part 1. This is probably my favorite photo I took during the session. I framed the photo around the two structure on the side and the bridge in the middle. The fact that the bridge is tilted breaks some symmetry in the photo, makes it more interesting. Because the road I was on while taking this picture was relatively dark, I spent a lot of time experimenting with the aperture to get good details on the foreground - the structures and the road. One thing I wish I can change about this photo is making the left and right edges of the photo darker to emphasize the brightness of the outside. In the end, the photo still came out somewhat blurry, but I really like the feeling of extension towards the brighter outside. I think it captures the Oakland culture fairly well - the modern, caged aspect of the parking lot on the left and the more simple, rustic bricks of the building on the right are connected by the bridge. 

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