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Process + Procedure

I began the creation of this with the different designs of the character. Once I drew one that I was happy with, I took the drawing into Fusion 360.

In Fusion, I used the sculpting tools to create the creature. Turns out, it's a bit hard to do feet in Fusion so I had to get rid of one of the legs I had originally thought of.

Once I got the basic modeling down, I had to start measuring the model to make sure it fit my glasses. Professor Larson helped me figure out what to measure on my glasses so that I could measure the right parts of my model and make sure my glasses would fit. Then I adjusted my model accordingly. She suggested that I split the character into parts to allow for quick error corrections, should my model still not fit my glasses size-wise.

Once I adjusted the measurements of the model accordingly and separated its feet from the body, I was able to export it as an STL and send it to NVBots to be sliced, approved, and printed.

When it printed, I used dental tools to help get rid of the supports that printed with it. I also sanded down some rough places along the bottom and the 'horns' on the head. It turned out that the holes in the feet were too small, but since I printed the body separately, I didn't have to reprint the whole thing, which was nice. Once those printed again, I was able to put the whole thing together.

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