sbauer Glasses Holder

Made by Sydney Bauer

Created: November 29th, 2017



I have a terrible habit of losing my glasses right when I most need them so I though I would try and make something that could help me keep track of them. A holder for them seemed like the best thing because if I just put my glasses on it every night, the holder would keep them right out in the open, easy to see.



I looked online for inspiration because I really didn't know exactly what kinds of glasses stands/holders there are. I found many different types and decided to go with more of a full creature look as opposed to just part of a face. I decided to go with an alien-like creature because it gave me the freedom to design it however I wanted, whether I wanted antenne or not or if I wanted it weirdly shaped.


Process + Procedure

I began the creation of this with the different designs of the character. Once I drew one that I was happy with, I took the drawing into Fusion 360.

In Fusion, I used the sculpting tools to create the creature. Turns out, it's a bit hard to do feet in Fusion so I had to get rid of one of the legs I had originally thought of.

Once I got the basic modeling down, I had to start measuring the model to make sure it fit my glasses. Professor Larson helped me figure out what to measure on my glasses so that I could measure the right parts of my model and make sure my glasses would fit. Then I adjusted my model accordingly. She suggested that I split the character into parts to allow for quick error corrections, should my model still not fit my glasses size-wise.

Once I adjusted the measurements of the model accordingly and separated its feet from the body, I was able to export it as an STL and send it to NVBots to be sliced, approved, and printed.

When it printed, I used dental tools to help get rid of the supports that printed with it. I also sanded down some rough places along the bottom and the 'horns' on the head. It turned out that the holes in the feet were too small, but since I printed the body separately, I didn't have to reprint the whole thing, which was nice. Once those printed again, I was able to put the whole thing together.



What was created was everything I could have ever hoped for, coming from my design. It sucked that the feet had to be reprinted but the measurements Professor Larson helped me with were exactly right and my glasses fit right away. I may decide to paint this holder later but for now, it does its job. It's small yet big enough to fit my glasses perfectly.



From this project I learned that doing things in parts is very helpful. While it would've been nice to have the feet printed with the body so I wouldn't have to deal with wrong sized holes in the feet, there was the chance that the head was wrongly measured and so I would have had to reprint the whole thing again, which would have taken 3x as long. 


Collaboration or Attribution

I want to thank Professor Larson for her help with the measuring for my model and the suggestion to split it into parts. It helped a great deal.

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