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I used dots to represent the light sources, and the most prominent areas of light in the photo. The thickness of the dots also tries to emphasize differing intensities of the light. The outlines of the ceiling's fans blades are made to be symmetrical, with the cluster of dots acting as a separator and a middle line. It helps to bring a sense of balance into the photo. The straight lines are meant to emphasize the rays of light emitted from the light sources, with the thickness also being representative of the intensity of the light. In this regard, I used Arnheim's suggestion of using different weights. In this composition, I used lines to both represent the physical attributes of the original photo, as well as the more abstract parts when it came to the light rays. Dots were used for both purposes as well, since the cluster of dots depicts an approximate shape of the light source, while the number and thickness represents the amount of light emitted. 

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