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Motion, line and dot

The human figures were harder to translate because straight lines don't turn up much in organic forms. I ended up mostly breaking them down anatomically, with lines for upper and lower limbs and one for the spine/torso. Since the main content of the image was the person, he was depicted with bolder lines. The left railing was also prominent, so it got the same treatment. Dots were used for the hands, since he held them mostly curled, and for the impressions of his nose and mouth, since his whole head wasn't in frame so those were the noticeable features. As in the previous photo, the structural elements were very linear, so thin lines give the impression of the stairs, porch, and building. Looking at it now that it's complete, I like that the railing echoes the right leg, emphasizing rather than competing with the body's shape. I think this translation was successful because it captures the same effect the original had with the lines of the staircase emphasizing the subject's motion.

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