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Emotion, line and dot

It's not immediately (or possibly even eventually) clear from this translation what the original shot depicted, but of the first three translations this is my favorite. Of the bolder lines, many are pointing approximately the same direction, but the fact that they're clearly not exactly parallel makes them seem a bit more natural. There's also the two that are almost perpendicular, providing some contrast but also propping up the other forms. That element of support is certainly reflective of the source image. I also like the variety of dots in this composition. Most of them occur in pairs, and most are fairly large, providing a strong counterpoint to the many lines. The translation also makes it easier to see how the "busier" portion of this composition was kept in the rightmost third of the frame, with the less cluttered but more complexly shaped human form in the foreground taking up the majority of the space. My main problem with the composition as a whole is that it feels too happy, given the subject matter. The dots feel bubbly, and the bold, disorderly lines seem loud, which isn't appropriate for the emotion being conveyed.

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