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Motion, shape

Again, the human figure was the focus in this one, so it gets shaped out in black chunks while most of the background is in faint lines. The left railing is still prominent enough to merit a shape. I was very intentional with the divisions between the different shapes; each shoe got its own outline, and each leg, while the shirt and arms are a whole. I felt that the way the body was oriented in the photograph, each leg seemed like its own form, but that wasn't the case for the arms; likely this is because the legs are moving in slightly different ways as he's stepping down, but the arms are just hanging out perfectly symmetrical and at rest. I like the line and dot translation for this one better because the jaunty, angular lines feel more kinetic than the rounded blobs seen here. That lower foot looks like it's slumped on the step like a beanbag, not poised and ready to spring forward.

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