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Assembly went well, but I hit some challenges, expected and unexpected. I do so much by eye now that I didn't feel like making a jig for the acrylic tab, and I knew it'd take some practice, so I cut it out three times. The first one was bad, as expected. The second two were pretty good, although one developed a crack since I bent it a little too close to where it was scored, and the other didn't bend in enough to really grab a belt, so I ended up using the second one. When I looked for wood glue in Phys Comp, I couldn't find any, so I had to use normal white glue to hold the wood together. However, I learned that Phys Comp has a 2-part epoxy. Very nice. The bottles didn't have instructions, so I had to Google it, and that stuff was solid. The scores on the acrylic combined with the porosity of the wood created a monster of a bond. I also used it to glue the plastic parts to the wood.

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