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Dawn is a very liquid part of the piece, when the background seems to flow and blend as it the cello solo glides above it with the melody.  Everything blends together  in a misty dream-like state, and I really wanted to capture that in my piece. I selected all cool colors because the piece feels very watery and fluid, and the shades of blue have a calming effect.  The cello solo is represented as an unbroken line that dips and travels in an upward direction out of the frame. This represents the cursive feeling of the solo and how it leads up and out of this part of the piece. The  undulating shapes at the bottom represent the background orchestra.  I feel that they are always reaching upward towards the floating solo, and their melody ebbs and flows like water. The supporting melody is composed of many different  separate parts that layer over each other, so I felt that the blue and purple shapes should also overlap and blend together like the supporting melody does.


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