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Account of the process:

I enjoyed Kandinsky's work Several Circles, and was inspired to try and use a similar style in my pieces.  Above each piece I have included some information about what into the composition of that particular part, but here I will talk a little bit more about the set as a whole.  I had originally intended on creating one piece, but as I worked more and more on the project I realized how distinct each movements is, and felt that each should have its own representation. Then, my challenge was finding a way to show how well they are combined together, since Rosinni's transitional phrases are very subtle and clean. I struggled with this for a long time, and a lot of my feedback involved finding a way to show that even though they weren't completely the same they each are a part of the greater whole. I felt that since white was the combination of all colors(in light), it also could represent the combination of all the different moods in the overture.  I also felt that it was mutable enough to be incorporated into all the different pieces in its own way. While each movement has its own feel to the melody, they are all interconnected and flow together to create a cohesive whole, which I felt was very important. Overall, the movements rise from left to right, to represent how the overture builds upon itself to reach its dramatic conclusion.

I went through lots of changes during this project, and at various points there have been lots of different versions on gallery (in case you look at comments and feel like they have no connection to what is now shown). This feedback really helped reign in some of my wilder decisions and made my style a little more consistent from movement to movement. I now wish I had kept the original few concepts, but I saved over them and I am not sure I want to look at them again. The two drafts I showed in recitation on Friday for the Prelude and storm are at the bottom, and I am really glad I made changes to them. The feedback I received was very helpful and helped me change the way I thought about the project as a whole.

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