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I don't think my piece is successful in expressing the intended feeling. I think the actual overture has a lot more depth and is much better connected than I was able to convey.  I think each individual movement is to disassociated from the others, and it does not make for a cohesive piece. I think I changed too many variables to tie them together. Perhaps if I kept all the backgrounds the same and only changed shapes and positioning, that might have created a more connected feeling. Individually, I like each of the pieces on their own. I think I might have done a better idea of considering each feeling separately, and since I created them separately that might be why it was so hard to integrate them into a single piece.  I like the way my eye travels over the piece though, and I think its at least visually interesting.I really wish I had more time to work on this, because I really enjoyed the project, but felt that I couldn't iterate to a solution I was happy with without a little more time.  

Before this class I probably would have assumed that this was something involving the seasons and kind of stare blankly at it.  I would have liked the colors though, and could probably have found something good to say about it for the sake of politeness. I have learned to consider the way things make me feel more, and how choices were made deliberately to create a feeling.  Before, I would have assumed the artist randomly added whatever they felt like.  Now I understand the intentionality that goes into making a piece of work. I used to only consider what something looked like, and now I have begun to think of what it could represent.

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