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Drawing inspiration from the photos I picked out on my mood board, I came up with three possible designs that I could implement for my first project. I sketched up these ideas, in addition to some different handle/more aesthetically pleasing ideas. As someone who carries a water bottle with me in my backpack, I could create some sort of handle that could also be attached to my backpack so I wouldn't have to hold my coffee cup in my hand while traveling. another idea that I had was a handle that had a slot for a spoon/stirrer and sugar packets. I like to put cream and sugar in my coffee, and this would save me some time at the coffee shop or at home and I could put sugar in my coffee at class or at a meeting if I am in a rush. My final idea stemmed from a reusable travel cup that I bought around 2 years ago. I bought this cup at a Broadway show, but unfortunately, the lid is never completely sealed, as there is nothing that can cover the opening for the mouth. I have chosen to pursue this idea, as it would allow me to use a mug that I have already purchased.

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