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After receiving feedback on my initial idea, I realized I needed to answer the following questions in order to fully flesh out the product:

  • When/How is it triggered?
  • What is the significance of the picture?
  • Where is it situated?
  • What are people feeling?

This helped me realize that often times the pictures we put up around our apartments are of moments we shared with loved ones. After much thought, I came up with the final scenario for my prototype.

In terms of development, I was looking into a scent memory case study [5], which presented a tutorial using a fan and heating pad to diffuse oils. Unfortunately, the physical computing lab was missing some of the key components for this project. While I waited for the pieces to be restocked, I tried to find other projects using different components. Unfortunately, this search wasn’t successful. I then tried coming up with a workaround and figured I could program a solenoid to poke the 'on' button of a humidifier to still get my idea across.

I spent some time looking at projects that used a photon and a solenoid so that I could wire everything up appropriately. I found the following project that unlocked a door over wifi using a solenoid [6], which I could modify for my project. I eventually set up my particle photon with the Tinker firmware using the guide on particle docs [7]. I hadn’t heard of Tinker before but after reading up on it, it seems to be a very useful tool for rapid prototyping! Unfortunately, throughout this process, my photon would not exit listening mode, which resulted in many google searches. I realized then that the particle community is actively trying to help others. I tried various proposed fixes including particle doctor [8], but could not find a way around the issue. I’m currently still trying to troubleshoot and hope to soon try out Tinker! As I continue to troubleshoot my plan for demo purposes was to manually turn the humidifier on.

Along this time I was also mocking up wireframes for the mobile application and after some time got to the final version shown above in the prototype section. The next step was to come up with an enclosure for the product. I tried working with an actual picture frame but had a hard time including the humidifier part of it. I then cut up various cardboard boxes to try to make one that could work well. A few days later I found a shoebox of sorts that would work much better! Along the way, I got feedback from peers in regards to the design of the application and the look and feel of the box. For some reason, they couldn’t get past the fact that it was a cardboard box, which took out some of the appeals of the project. I then decided to paint the box, which resulted in people feeling more invested in the project!

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