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  • Sign with basic starting “map” and instructions
  • Interactive Locks that also serve as primary game controls
  • Bridge scenery and features that can offer clues

  • Customized Locks
  • Connected to Internet, can communicate to other locks
  • Features push buttons and potentiometers to input into the lock
  • Servos to animate the lock components
  • LEDs and audio to communicate to the players

Initial Idea Description

A game that features multiple custom smart locks that can communicate to players using audio and LED, and be interacted with using pushbuttons and potentiometers, through which a player finds clues to open 1 lock on the bridge. Unlocking the first lock sends players on missions to unlock 2nd lock and so in a sequence until the completion of the game. Locks may have multiple unlock codes which lead to different audio playing. Some unlock conditions may require people to cooperate. The missions are intended to lead players to interact with the bridge more.

For example, after receiving the proper input, the lock will tell the player to input the number of fence posts on the bridge into the next lock. At the end of all the missions, the final may physically “unlock” to allow the players to receive a prize, such as a QR code to a coupon.

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