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Final  Iteration Detailed Description:

Our final iteration of Bridgequest features a single lock made out of plywood shell. On the front is a cartoonish face with glowing features, as well as a dial and a pushbutton. The lock is to hang from its shackle at the top. On the back is a speaker, and on the bottom is a panel connected to a servo that can flip down.

To start the game, a player would simply press the pushbutton, prompting an introductory voiceline and a scavenger hunt question. The voiceline asks the player to find a fish-shaped lock and count its fins, and return to the input the answer using the dial, which has three selections, and hitting the pushbutton again to submit the answer. Once the player inputs the answer, the lock will either glow red to indicate a wrong answer and repeat the question, or glow green and then purple, to indicate a correct answer and winning the game. The lock will congratulate the player and flip the bottom panel down to reveal a QR code. 

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