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Prototype Iterations

1) Button and Potentiometer

Connected pushbutton and potentiometer to Particle on breadboard, allowing reading of their values.

2) General Game Structure

Used pushbutton and potentiometer to input into a general game structure with a logic and flow. Game records value of potentiometer every time the button is pressed and stores it. Game then compares all inputs to the correct answers; if one is incorrect, the game starts over. If all are correct, the game starts over.

3) Soundboard Exploration

Exploration of the Adafruit Soundboard FX, the Adafruit Amplifier, and speakers. Created circuit on breadboard that allowed manual triggering of soundboard pins, playing the default example recordings.

4) Improved Game Input

Used Neopixels to indicate the correctness of the inputs from potentiometer and pushbutton. Implemented debounce to more reliably record inputs.

5) Soundboard Control

Exploration of soundboard control through Particle using Serial UART, and then Arduino. Implemented Particle GPIO control of Arduino, and Arduino Serial control of soundboard. Soundboard uploaded with custom voiceline files.

6) Lock Body Construction

Physical lock body modeled in Solidworks along with major components, converted into slotted/tabbed pieces and lasercut. First iteration too small, second iteration barely fit Improved Game Input prototype.

7) Demo

Lock separated into two components, each with own Particle controller: Input using pushbutton and potentiometer with Neopixel, and output using Arduino to control soundboard. Arduino could be made to play 1 track on soundboard.

8) Soundboard and Input Combination

Utilized instructor suggestion to use only one clue to simplify implementation. Used Particle GPIO pins to trigger soundboard pins using transistors. All power routed through Particle, to mobile power pack. Reward panel servo added.

9) Final Iteration

Increased lock body dimensions by 50%. Glued small breadboard mounted with pushbutton and potentiometer to front plate of lock body. All electronics: 2 breadboard circuits, with Particle and soundboard respectively, one speaker, one servo, 3 pixels of Neopixel, and one mobile power pack, fit inside lock body. 

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