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  1. We first found an SVG of Flag Staff Hill on OpenStreetMaps. We converted this SVG into a format that could be printed by the laser printers.
  2. Then, we drilled 101 holes on the board and soldered 101 neopixel lights together.
  3. We then mounted all of these lights in the holes we drilled
  4. We started to implement the board module by making a simple program that turns on all the lights
  5. We installed the 3 buttons and laser-cut icons for them on the board.
  6. Then, we started to implement the sensor module. It was short to implement since it only has to upload the sensor readings to the cloud. It maps all the values to a number between 0 and 255.
  7. The board module was then programmed to receive these values and calculate a gradient based on the intensity of the value.

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