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Problem Statement: Create an IoT device to improve guest experience at Panther Hollow Park.

Solution: We decided to create a system of interconnected devices which would be spread throughout the area, collecting park information. These devices would then communicate with a map representation of the park to indicate which areas are in need of maintenance.

Intended Audience: Park managers. Our device is multifunctional and will optimize the distribution of human resources by alerting park managers when a particular trash can needs to be emptied or a particular area needs maintenance.

How It Works:

The device is mounted onto a trash can.

1. The device emits a high frequency noise to keep animals from coming onto park pathways.

2. When the trash can is filled, an LED on the device lights up and a corresponding LED on the map is illuminated to inform park managers that a trash can needs to be emptied. LEDs automatically turn off once the trash is emptied.

3. The device collects data about how many people visit the park and lights 1,2, or 3 LEDs on the map to ambiently tell park managers how many visitors their park has had.

4. If visitors think an area needs maintenance, they can press a maintenance request button. When a set amount of people press the button, park managers will get an email telling them there is an issue in a certain area.

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