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The Result

When creating our final artifact, we ran into a number of issues relating more to the chosen medium.  We decided to attempt to use our system to create an ice sculpture that would produce caustic effects when a light was shown through it.  A number of issues prevented us from completing this goal.  First, the foam we chose for our ice molds turned out to not be water-tight.  This led us to pursue a gesso treatment of the foam to keep water from leaking through.  In the end, the Gesso ended up dissolving into the water when added to the mold, leading to fogged ice.  Second, the lack of a powerful enough freezer prevented us from freezing water in one of our larger molds.  The combination of the amount of water in the large mold as well as a questionable freezer led to the failure to produce an ice sculpture.

As far as the creation of the molds go, however, we were definitely able to take kinect data, deform a point cloud, bake the mesh, and CNC the mesh into a mold.

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