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Similar to the previous phase of this project, it became clear that we need to incorporate some form of physical feedback to the user. Providing the user with a physical boundary helps improve the user's mental model. On the other hand, this would also limit the scope and possibilities for a user, which may or may not be a good thing. Limiting our scope will allow us to create an easier workflow from beginning with a flat mesh to a fabricated object, however, in the spirit of creating a versatile design system, choices for the user are an important consideration.

We attempted to create a form of user feedback by projecting onto a stretchy fabric that the user would then punch, depress, or pull.  Limitations to the the kinect's mesh reconstruction in firefly prevented us from using the cloth as a physical medium and we had to resort back to using the kinect's skeleton tracking.  Another attempt to use the kinect's mesh reconstruction should be made, however, this will require quite a bit of data processing and a much faster computing environment to make it usable in realtime.


Our system could greatly improve from better sensing of the dexterous skills of the user.  Currently with our system, you can only push a mesh in.  Adding other features such as mesh grabbing (closing your hands to either push/pull the mesh) or adding brush hardness/size could really increase the diversity of the artifacts created.  One consistent feature of all of the artifacts we created was that each one was very abstract.  To diversify the system, 

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