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Final Choice: The Beginning Became Our End

Right when I walked into the Miller Gallery, there was something particular about the first floor. Behind the gracious museum greeter, there was a dark and elaborate room tucked behind her. At first, I wasn't sure if it was even an exhibit, so I decided to explore the rest of the gallery on the first floor but taking side glances into the side room.

As I peeked into the room, I could see a spinning mirror reflecting off light from a vibrating flame. When I got closer to the room, I could see large glass flasks hanging from the ceiling with their mouths over black pipes coming out of the cement floor. I took a step into the room and I could see a gas tube that connected the flasks with the gas pipe that powered the flame.

There were two clear sets of objects. One set was the glass flasks hanging over the black pipe which was connected to the flame and mirror. The other set was almost identical except the black pipe was much taller. As I got closer to the black pipe, I couldn't see anything coming out of it. I expected maybe a gust of air that was somehow powering all of this. I hovered around the area expecting more but stepped back and felt little confused. 

Until I heard it. It was like a little heart beat coming out of the black pipes. There was something joyous about hearing that shy and deep sound. It was like hearing a heart beat from from a mother's first ultrasound. It was quiet but powerful.

We decided to explore the rest of the gallery, but that piece stuck in my mind the longest. It created the biggest impression and something that left more to explore and understand.

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