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Exploring the use of clay as a modeling medium to design a sword handle

Created: March 18th, 2019


 For this project, I wanted to build a sword handle with an artistic pommel. Initially, I wanted to build a replica of Orcrist (an elven sword from The Hobbit trilogy). However, the handle had three separate pieces. I was advised to build something that was a single piece for the next project. The next sword handle I wanted to replicate was Master Sword from Legend of Zelda. However, the model was extremely detailed and I knew that it would be very difficult to complete it in time and maintain a good fidelity. Finally, I took a hybrid approach to build my own model with the help of the framework of Master Sword.


The internal structure for the handle was made out of laser-cut plywood stacked on top of each other (used Slicer to slice them properly). There was a total of 44 individual pieces that needed to be put together. Since many of the dowel holes didn't align properly, I used solder wire instead along with wood glue to join the separate pieces together.

However, wood was not my first choice of material. I had initially thought of using cardboard for the internal frame. After setting the cardboard on fire a few times, I decided it would actually be quicker just to use plywood.

All the individual pieces that made up the internal frame
Img 1159.thumb

After creating the internal frame, I started applying a layer of clay on top. At this point, I had a vague idea of how the pommel would look like. I just didn't know how to build the flame-like 3d structure I wanted.


I also laser cut a couple of custom arc to help me get a smoother finish and relatively accurate diameter for the different sections of the handle.


The final step was to use a damp sponge to give it a finish and add some additional detailing.

Process Mood Board
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Sword concepts for inspiration
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Exploring the use of clay as a modeling medium to design a sword handle