24-672 - Special Topics in DIY Design and Fabrication

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Offers students hands-on experience in DIY product design and fabrication processes. Students work individually or in small groups to design customized and personalized products of their own and build them using various DIY fabrication methods including 3D laser scanning, 3D printing, laser cutting, molding, vacuum forming, etc. Students also gain skills for communicating their ideas effectively through industrial design sketches and presenting their products with aesthetically refined graphics.

Learn more at the course site: https://canvas.cmu.edu/courses/8947

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    The project should be something that makes you or someone else happy to own and use. The item/product should be a practical one, some kind of personal device, tool, or lifestyle accessory. Make y...more

  • Cast Party

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    This project is all about bringing your design to a near-production level of prototyping utilizing soft-tool silicone molding and resin casting