Made by Teddy Lee

Created: November 17th, 2014


For this project, I decided I wanted to make my paragraph sound like a NPR story reading. For those of you who have never listened to a Prairie Home Companion or similar shows, 1. Shame on you, 2. that means that I decided to make my piece soft, with a narrative style, and use piano to make it seem intimate and to highlight certain pieces of text. I decided to use the automation to raise and lower the volume of the voice during the Squeeze squeeze squeeze section, opposite to the loops I had running in order to create a fading in and out of the foreground. I wanted it to sound like a wave crashing in and out. Thus, I used automation on my loops in order to fade my two loops in and out. The loops I chose used piano to create an atmosphere like an intimate bar or nightclub on Broadway. I chose slow loops so that it was not too fast and it fit with the voice. I chose my far away recording to have a softer, duller voice, as you sometimes hear in radio, but it still retained the emotions I wanted. 

I even lowered the voice further by using automation to keep it lower. I chose to use long fades in and out in order to ease the listener into the reading, so the voice crescendos only when the reader is partway through the first sentence.

For the loops in the first part, I decided use piano that was fairly heterogeneous, so that it was consistent in tempo and rhythm, but for the squeeze part, I decided to use piano which had waves to it, in that it had a loud part then a soft part then repeated, and I layered 2 of these loops, and I modulated their volume opposite to the voice.