48-466 - Responsive Built Environments

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Growing out of Professor Veloso's CORAL research group, this course serves as a means of exploration of the built environment as we build more responsive and smart objects. This is not just a 'smart house.' We will explore spatial and environmental concepts as they relate to robots that Cooperate, Observe the world, Reason, Act, and Learn In turn, the build environment will react in tandem to its inhabitants, regardless of media such as biological, metal, or plastic. This course will explore energy metabolisms as well as nervous systems of buildings in order to redesign our vernacular world. A hands-on immersion, this course is focused entirely on the creative process and communication through making. We will explore architecture as the unification of art and science through contemporary tools. This is a project based learning course where you will be required to bring your own experiences into your work. The format of the class is to create, experience, critique and document project work. In other words, you will utilize the design process as a way of exploring potential futures. Please note: This is a studio based course. This is not an historical survey or strictly technical or lecture course. This course will be building off precedents in order to define and redefine futures and relationships. Rather, project work will explore the design and experience of spatial environments through a series of creative investigations. All investigations will lead to a final project.

Instructor: Jake Marsico

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  • Responsive Built Environments Final Documentation

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    Design and build a device or system that responds to external stimuli, makes decisions and affects the occupants of its shared environment.

  • Digital Reactor

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    Develop an invisible or nearly-invisible device that can improve accessibility for an occupant with a sensory impairment. The device can use any sensor to understand its setting and any actuator to...more

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