48-528 - Responsive Mobile Environments

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In Spring 2016, this course was offered in conjunction with 62492 ’Mars Habitat: Building an Atmosphere’ with Christina Ciardullo.

Together these two courses explored going to Mars from complementary perspectives

- ‘Building an Atmosphere’ will lead students in an architectural, structural and material exploration of Mars habitats.

- ‘Responsive Mobile Environments’ will lead students in a technical and embedded systems exploration of Mars habitats.

Both studios were combined with a common objective - preparing a prototype for a Martian biome to support and maintaining plants for food and oxygen. Together we’ll investigate membrane pressure vessels, the physics, geometry, and systems components that may go into the design of an inflatable habitat for the martian surface, capable of supporting, adapting and responding to the plant-life and atmosphere inside.

Learn more at the course site: http://cmu-mars-studio.com

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  • RME 2C: Investigation - Growth Mediums

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    Examine the opportunities for public engagement with the remote Martian garden and propose an poetic gesture for the mission. Demonstrate the idea with a prototype.

  • RME 2B: Investigation - Spacesuits for Shrubbery

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