Adventure Time

Made by Jacob Weiss

Created: November 19th, 2014


For this piece, I decided to play the theme song to a TV show that I like called Adventure Time. I played it pretty slowly, and quantizing it definitely made it sound better and more put-together. I decided to slow down the tempo even more, just because of how cool it is that you can play something, press a button, and have it sound as if I played it even slower (it's at 50bpm now). As this is a very short theme song, I wouldn't say there's an entire form to it. The song is in a very high octave. It was a lot of fun figuring out the notes of the song and hearing it back instantly. My goal was to accurately recreate the theme song, and while my version was much slower, I think I did an okay job (after a lot of trial and error). There is no fade in at the beginning - I just jump right into the melody, which should capture the listeners attention immediately. This will probably be a more interesting piece for people who watch the TV show.

Logic file