Black Mirror

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Exploring the concept of memories as forgotten particles, playing quietly in one's subconscious.

Created: February 1st, 2018


One aspect of memory that I am interested in is its ability to change and transform based on our own perceptions of the event and ways in which we want to envision the event. Looking at Einstein's Theory of Relativity and the concept of "block universes" in a 4th dimensional space where time is nonexistent, I thought it might be interesting to explore the theory with memory. In this design proposal memory is a range of time and the tangible object that provokes certain memories is projected from a device which we use to capture several of our daily memories, our phones. 

Through the use of holograms, these memories could be projected into "tangible" form, the type which we envision in our minds and come to near sense with when dreaming.   


Components that could potentially create such experience in the box include the use of small plastic holograms and mirrors to project light and figure into floating space.

As exhibited in the image below, this project by Pace Art + Technology brings into scope the loss of time when brought into a undefined space. 


The hope of the design is to question the fine line between past, present and the future and perhaps take the potential disillusionment of past memories and project them into an even further form of illusion in a undefined space of time. The box would be a way to recall memories in a new form where the past and future do not dictate the boundaries to which the recalled memory lies,  allowing  the memory to take on new form.


Note: the above image is a collage created for pre-design of the object.


The implementation of the project began with the fabrication of a box with a two-sided mirror. Once the form was made, I sought to implement an interactive aspect to the design through the addition of an RFID that could allow only certain users, access to the subconscious memories playing beyond the mirror. Unfortunately the circuit failed and was not able to be implemented in the final product. 


The design of the box itself revolved around the idea of fragmented memories and something that could transform subtly to allow for the implementation of the electrical components.


Combining the original idea of undefined time and space, with the concept of fluid memories, I selected a video piece by Apostolos Angelis that I thought represented a nice array of different colors and movements that could potentially trigger different moods and feelings associated with different past memories.


The mirror, which was a later addition to the project became a symbolic piece to represent self reflection and the memories behind how one defines their own self. Looking back on the project, beginning to focus more on the idea of memories playing actively in view of the user and the concept of literal "self reflection" would have helped driven the project into a more narrowed down, cohesive project. Rather than memories encompassed in abstract light forms and shapes, I would like to explore rather the duet of the original memories ( in the digital form of pictures and videos) with the abstract colors overlaid as colors representing different moods and feelings associated with the different memories. As memories are often composed of both the visual image and the emotional feeling, I wish to explore that relationship further to create a interactive mirror that connects more with the user and allows for a deeper sense of self reflection.

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Exploring the concept of memories as forgotten particles, playing quietly in one's subconscious.