Capture the Flag with Stuff!

Made by Amal Sahay

Created: November 10th, 2014


.wav file Dropbox link:

Having recorded tabling, and KGB specifically, it was simple enough to decide to use this project as a way to condense the recording into what is, essentially, an advertisement for Capture the Flag with Stuff. In this case, it was designed to encourage people to attend, describing it in the various colorful ways KGB put it.

The Technical Part

Obviously, I opened with some normalization. You can still feel that the levels are a little off, and my next steps will be to try and smooth out the cuts. There was a lot more wind noise, so I used a high pass filter and noise reduction, sampled in sections where the wind is the only noise, to take as much of it out as possible. After that, fade ins/outs were used to smooth out cuts. This is the part of the sampling that will require the most finesse in improving, but I've saved various stages so that I can go back to any particular section.

The Artistic Part

I open with one of KGB's descriptions for Capture the Flag with Stuff. Using continued off the wall descriptions, I only bring in the actual event name midway through the recording. I also left in an encounter with a student who was not going to attend but was slowly convinced to come (the actual encounter is obviously much longer, and can be found in the original recording). The recording closes with another repetition of the event name and time. This way, I hope to use flow to present, through recorded sound, a logical progression of ideas from description to naming to convincing!