Sound Module: A Day in the Life

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Edit down your sound journal recordings to a piece with a point of view, using at least one basic composition concept (Belkin reading)

Duration: 40-60 sec [10 p]

Do not tolerate clicks and pops [20 p]

- Usually indicates a discontinuity in signal: Hard splice in an audio editor
- SOLUTION: fade in, fade out, cross-fade

Do not tolerate clipping: SOLUTION reduce levels [20p]

Export result to wav or aiff with Audacity (44100 Hz, 24 bit depth, stereo), (NEVER audacity file .aup, that file is only for you) [10 p]

Upload it to Gallery with the description of the point of view and how you have addressed it relating with composition concept/s, CRITIQUE THREE works from your classmates [40 p]

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