Made by Teddy Lee

Created: November 10th, 2014


The way I approached this project was to listen to my original recording, look for sounds that fit the point of view I was trying to describe, then alter those sounds to fit my needs. I wanted to convey the point of view of being trapped inside all day by work and how all the mundane sounds simply blend together and eventually overwhelm a person. I decided not to use sounds other than those from my original recording because I felt they would not be very true to the image I was trying to convey as well as the fact that they would contrast with the constant hum of background noise that was present in all the other sounds in the piece. For this composition, I decided to focus on continuity and surprise. I tried to make very constant sounds in the beginning, while moving on to more drastic changes in pitch and tempo and rhythm at the end.There is a short period where everything goes silent that I wanted to use to emphasize the fading away of all sounds but large sounds, then I tried to sweep the listener up in the large washing sounds like waves at the end which is a departure from the continuous rhythm earlier in the piece. I also tried to have certain sounds be in the background and foreground. The constant soft mouse clicking in the background and the large car horns and shuffles in the front.