Construction Keys

A Spliced Symphony

Made by Abhishek Tayal

Created: November 10th, 2014


I've always found the sounds that a building makes interesting - from doors opening and closing, to elevators, to stairs, etc. As such, I adopted the point of view of someone returning to their apartment. I took my original recording, found several interesting 3-4 second snippets of audio, and used them to create this piece.


Sounds, such as that of the Fairfax door opening, the elevator dinging, keys clanging, etc have been looped, delayed and in some cases reversed to create the building blocks for the piece. Following this, I successively pitch shifted some of the more continuous sounds to create some semblance of a melody, and I used some of the more discontinuous sounds to create some kind of percussive background.


Cumulatively, I think that this creates an overall effect that is cold, very industrial, very metallic, and somewhat reminiscent of Fairfax itself.