Hunt Library Floor 4 Edit

Made by Amber Jones

Created: November 10th, 2014


The composition element that I decided to use in my song is articulation and momentum. 

To do so, I used 5 tracks (dedicated to one sample each) of varying attack speeds and repeated them to create a consistent momentum throughout the piece. I wanted to keep the tempo consistent to create momentum without any progression. My intentions are for the listener to focus on the different types of articulation in the song, so I chose this tempo so the sounds themselves, rather than their specific placements, would have more prevalence. 

In the song, the samples with the short attack speeds are sneezes and the table tapping. The samples with the longer attack speeds is the sound of the keys jingling, me pushing something across a table, and the chair squeaks, which were slowed down significantly to create even more variation in articulation.