Dog's Life

Made by Tonya Sedgwick

Created: November 9th, 2014


I have a dog, and I often feel like my life revolves around him. I walk him at least 3 times per day, and he constantly tries to get me to play with him. In honor of that, for my 'day in the life' I used sounds from my sound recording journal (which serendipitously included some people talking about food, which is what I imagine my dog asks me about everything, because he always wants to eat stuff he finds on the ground or sees me holding), as well as some sounds of him chewing his toy and play-growling. I have attempted to make the walking sounds the background, the question about food a kind of middle ground, and his voice (the play-growls) the foreground. I hope this is represented because of the repetitions and variable pitches. I also added a slight reverb to his final growl and one of the queries about food. Playing and eating are my dog's favorite things (other than chasing squirrels, but I don't let him do that).

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