Sound Recording Journal I: ASA Chili Sale - Audacity Edit

Made by Kevin Lee

Created: November 7th, 2014


Point of View

In this composition, I pieced together slices of the recording that briefly tell the story of the food sale. There are three cuts. In the first cut, we are attempting to sell chili to passerbyers in the CUC without success. In the next cut, you can hear people walking by without us really trying to sell the food along with Facebook notification sounds to show our indifference to the sale. In the last cut, you can hear the conversation divulge into unrelated topics such as music as we finally give up on the sale.


For each cut, I faded the tracks in and out to prevent any clicks and to make the transitions between cuts seamless. Once the tracks were combined, I compressed the file with a threshold of 10:1 to hard limit the audio and bring the overall level of the audio to a listenable level without clipping. I then added some equalization to the track. I began by cutting everything below 60hz and above 20khz to limit the frequency range to what is audible by the human ear and eliminate some lower boomy frequencies that clutter the file. A small cut was made at 350hz to reduce the mudiness of the track and everything above 6k hz was slightly raised to allow the vocals to cut through the audio. This way, the vocals are a greater focus than the background noises in the track and the overall story of the composition is emphasized.