Breakfast in Schatz Mix

Made by Dan Cheng

Created: November 10th, 2014


I used audacity to do this piece. First I cut my 10 minutes video into 45sec, I only kept the sound of plates, glass and human voice, because I think those are the most important experience I had in having breakfast there. Personally, I think the most interesting sound in the audio of my breakfast in Schatz is the voice of the waiter, his voice is very penetrating and he sounds like a rapper. I really like the his way of calling order number. I kept all the interesting human sounds in one track, and the sounds of glasses, plates, etc in another track. The human voice is the foreground sound and the background is the sound of glasses, plates, tables. I amplified the sounds of human voice to grab the listener's attention.

For  the beginning and the end, I used fade in and fade out. And I used a very quiet conversation to begin this piece, to lead the listener into this piece. Also, a lot of loops are used in this mix, and I used echo for the waitress sound part. I also changed the pitch of the men's voice in the loop to add more variety and make it sound more interesting.

In the end, when I listened to the mix, it reminded me of Usher's song "Yeah!", so I add a short sound of drum in the beginning of the piece, it serves the role of telling the listener that the important part of the piece is coming.

I left Schatz not long after he called "number two", so that was the last sound I remembered in my breakfast experience that day. So I put it in the end and looped in for many times until it fades out.

Here is the link of my outcome: