Sound Project 1: Sound recording Journal Audacity Edit

Made by Amanda Marano

Created: November 8th, 2014


For this edit, my point of view is what I was focusing on when I did the recording, which was the fact that it was very windy, the loudest sounds including the beeps of a truck backing up and a leaf-blower, and the boys tabling in front of me. I focused mostly on the boys' voices when I was initially recording, but the other sounds were so pervasive that I couldn't ignore them and were also part of my immediate attention. 

I did this by taking a small clip of the wind and leaf-blower sounds and after making a fade-in and fade-out, made those sounds into a loop that played in the background. I then overlaid that with a clip of the truck backing up, the loud beeps, along with the boys talking and yelling, present at various times in the edit. The constant sounds on loop in the background, the wind and the leaf-blower, become background sounds when paired with either the voices or the beeps from the truck, which are only present for part of the audio clip. Those sounds are more interesting than the drone of the leaf-blower or the wind, and even though they're softer they move into the foreground.