"Caring is Creepy" + "Dreaming"

Made by Francisco Rojo

Created: November 22nd, 2014


"Caring is Creepy" by the Shins begins with a brief whistling portion and gradually introduces different instruments one a time. First the voice and guitar come in, and then the base, and finally the drums. At the same time, there is a crescendo all throughout the beginning until it reaches its final volume when the drums come in.


For Form, I chose "Dreaming" by Smallpools. The form of the song is as follows:

Intro: 0:00 - 0:20

First Verse: :20-:55

Chorus :55-1:20

Second Verse: 1:20-1:50

Chorus: 1:50-2:35

Bridge: 2:35-2:45

3rd Verse 2:45-3:05

Chorus: 3:05- 3:37