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Dear Esther Analysis

Made by Laura Lodewyk

My powerpoint on Dear Esther and a few of my thoughts while playing.

Created: October 20th, 2014


PowerPoint: Dropbox Link


Wow this looks really cool. a little gloomy, but otherwise desktop worthy.

What is that blinking thing in the distance? Telephone tower?

How do I jump? Do I need to pick up things? How do I do this?

There is so much detail here!

Who is Esther? Who is speaking? What are they talking about?

Who are all these people? I'm very confused.

Its so pretty!

What are these weird drawings everywhere?

How do I get to the telephone tower?

I guess the narrator and Esther are pretty close. It doesn't sound like the narrator is very close with Paul...

I can swim?

Wait, no I drown.Screen shot 2014 10 19 at 10.38.52 pm


Well. Guess I'm not supposed to swim anywhere.

What is the telephone tower doing here? Where is everyone? Why are there no roads?

What is up with all the shipwrecks?

I feel like something sad happened to Esther. 

I don't think the Shepherd or Damascus are too important. They died here, and that shows everyone dies?

The caves are cool.

How do I get out of the caves?

I like the glowing stuff. but the writing is a little crazy.

The candles make it seem sad.

So I guess there was an accident, and Paul was to blame. The narrator is still trying to get over it.

The armada is so sad. All his love and time sent out to sea, because it has nowhere else to go.

We are finally at the tower!

I am not controlling this anymore. What's happening.

Oh no. Oh no.

Don't do it!

Wait we are flying.

We are flying! Over the armada! We are finally free!

That was so beautiful. I don't know if I walked away with a lesson or a complete story. But it definitely was very moving.


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My powerpoint on Dear Esther and a few of my thoughts while playing.