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Use connected devices to regulate access to semi-public areas to people to are supposed to be there, and not others.

Created: April 10th, 2018



Create a connected device that can make playgrounds in East Liberty safer. 



East Liberty has a history of violence that over the years has diminished. Unfortunately, it is still not safe enough for parents to allow their children to play in neighborhood playgrounds. Our goal is therefore to create a safe space for children that will allow them to build a community. 



We want to focus on regulating access to semi-public areas, such as school playgrounds or neighbourhood basketball courts. Specifically, we have decided to narrow our focus to areas regularly used by children. Such playgrounds often carry both real and perceived danger through potential for unauthorized or unwanted access to them. Currently, we are looking at two parks - Kite Hill Park and East Liberty Park, since they are both currently underutilized by the community.

As such, we are designing a system where different groups of people have different levels of access to the park. Our first scenario is where children can gain access to a park as long as there is a chaperone nearby. The second scenario is where adults need to be accompanied by children simultaneously to be able to gain entry to the park. 



Our 3 devices are -

1. ID Card as chaperone’s access system

2. NFC system, built into children’s shoes as a sticker (or similar accessory) as their access system

3. Check in system which chaperones & kids use to gain entry to the park


Bill of Materials for Prototype

1. Check In System

    a. Sensing Mat

        i. Wires

        ii. Particle Photon

       iii. 4x FSRs

       iv. Resistors

       v. 2x Rubber Sheet

   b. Lock

        i. 1x large hobby servo

        ii. Particle Photon

        iii. 2x 2’x2’ clear acrylic sheet

        iv. Various nuts & bolts

2. ID Card

    a. NFC Chip

    b. Particle Photon

    c. Rubber

3. Children’s Clip

    a. NFC Chip

    b. Particle Photon

    c. 2x Neodymium Magnets

    d. Capo

    e. Cable ties

    f. Clay

    g. Rubber 

    h. Paper clip 


Drawing of Ideal Product Visuals

Student Clip 

Chaperone Card

Check-in System at Park

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Use connected devices to regulate access to semi-public areas to people to are supposed to be there, and not others.